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A letter from Tony D’Aprile

                            Owner and Founder


                     Stafford Corrugated Products

                 2020 – a new decade and new upgrades!

                 I look back with pride and gratitude at Stafford Corrugated Products’ past 10 years. Its been a
                 decade of continuous growth thanks to the quality of our people and products. In fact, we
                 are in the process of preparing to build our third and largest business/warehouse site. Stafford

                 is committed to a well stocked inventory, therefore, as our customers and sales increase so
                 too does our demand for space.

                 At Stafford we want to do more than just grow bigger, we want to grow better. This means

                 developing new skills, expanding our areas of coverage and refining our organizational
                 processes. To accomplish our goals we are updating our database of products, our customer
                 website, and even our accounting system. All of these projects should be completed within the
                 year helping us provide you with the best possible service now and into the future.

                 Stafford’s experienced team remains committed to not only customer satisfaction but also
                 personal and professional satisfaction in a job well done. It’s a worthy goal for us all to share
                 as we enter this new 2020 decade. Here’s to continued success for us all!

                 Tell me what you think! As always, I appreciate your feedback.



           Catalog Issue:  10/02/2020
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